Austrian Green Technology is International

We market and promote Austrian Green Companies and Technology in the USA

We listened to Austrian Exporters and opened this platform for green technology made in Austria: is hereby open for your use. Every Austrian company offering bio products, technology or service can get a free listing and ask for assistance with the US market. We offer help with pr and foreign language marketing, visa, laws, financing, and location scouting.

Austrian Green Technology for the USA

We developed the Austrian Green Technology Platform to connect bio oriented Austrian companies with businesses in the United States. If you have green products, technology or services and you are thinking about export, think big, think about 380 million customers you can reach with one language in one country!

We market and promote Austrian Green Companies and Technology in the USA

Your first step is to get a free listing. With your password you can fill it up and no matter if you use our extended service or not, you will be on board of this platform.

Your second step is to contact us. In a short briefing we will find out what you need and what we can do for you. We can manage your US website, PR and marketing material and let you know what kind of grants are available for export.

We try to keep this as simple as possible, so you can react fast and don't have to wait to get started.

Please feel free to contact us, we are here for you.

Guenther Edelsbacher
Owner of
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